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Our core business is based on apartment rentals. We have developed a structure that protects our customers and accompanies them throughout the entire rental process, whether they are homeowners or prospective tenants.

Additionally, the system also places our team in a key position and safeguards us too, as we are all true professionals investing many hours of work every day to find the perfect home for everyone from expats spending a relatively short time in Hungary to domestic clients who are about to buy their own property.

We rent our apartments daily, the owners of which always sign the rental agreement to their satisfaction. During our transactions our company considers it important to follow stable and legally established methods. 

Our search database is expanding every day, so in most cases finding a tenant for a relatively modern, small apartment in good condition takes less than 24 hours for us. We also try to fulfill our partners’ requests within a reasonable and acceptable deadline when handling property sales and evaluations, home stagings and matters within the real estate law.

We are proud of the system that we have created, and we are delighted to work with people who, just like us personally, want a QUALITY change in the Hungarian real estate industry.


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